Accountor Group

Our vision

We are the leading partner in financial and HR management services in our selected areas, for organisations of all sizes.

Our brand promise – Passion for results

We love to work for our clients. We will share your targets and help you to go beyond the ordinary. Our passion lies in helping you to deliver better results. We are highly competitive and committed. We have a personal, human approach plus passion for improving your financial performance.

Our three customer promises

Committed To Active and Clear Communication

We contact the client if any issues or questions come up, or we just want to check if everything is ok. Financial tasks are about more than doing everything right. They’re also about good communication skills. We make sure that you are always up-to-date about the state of your business and want to make sure that everything is ok.

Delivered one time, on time

We give our clients what they want, at the right time and as agreed. All our clients are VIPs who receive first class service. You can feel safe and secure, knowing that we deliver as promised, at the right time and correctly

Expertise Close To You

We bring our clients easy access to the right expertise. Allow us to solve your financial management problems, or just help you out! We believe in personal service close to the client. We want to work closely with you, bringing you just the right expertise and help. We are easy to reach through all channels and provide the full range of skills, somewhere near you.

Our values

We are proud of our values: respect, trust, courage and future.