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LLC digest: “Old” charters vs new LLC law – on which side is court practice?

As a general rule, according to Item 3 of Final and Transitional Provisions of the Law of Ukraine On Limited Liability Companies and Additional Liability (further the “Law”), the provisions of LLC...

New tax invoices in Ukraine

We would like to inform you that the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine issued on September 17, 2018 decree approving a new form for tax invoice and adjustment calculations to tax invoices

Job title requirements: Translation difficulties

When staff is hired to work in a company with foreign investments, it is often necessary to translate into Ukrainian the job titles indicated in job offers.

New service from the social insurance fund – electronic user account

Employers have now access to user accounts on the Pension Fund portal through which they can order Appendix 9 – Certificate of Employment and Insurance Duration and receive it within minutes

Position of the Supreme Court on the consequences of cooperation without contract

As a general rule, business relationships require entering into written contracts. However, despite this legal requirement, many companies neglect contract work, and this oversight often gives rise...

Changes in sick and maternity leave payments from the social insurance fund

Ukrainian law was amended on October 01, 2018 following the entry into force of the procedure for financing by the Social Insurance Fund of Ukraine (further the “Social Fund”) of policyholders (...